The Members

 CarolynHS Carolyn Waters
Lead singer, alto and group manager.  Strong, compassionate woman of God with a passion for ministering to women, children and families. I enjoy working in Human Services because it allows me to combine my ministerial, educational and life experience to minister to youth and families. As a woman in ministry, there are many challenges that I faced on a regular basis. However, my faith in God and desire to spread the gospel fuels my desire to continue on this journey, looking forward to every challenge and opportunity to spread the gospel.
 BerniceHS Bernice Taylor
Lead singer and alto. Bernice has a kind and nurturing spirit that draws in everyone she meets. She has a unique and soulful style of singing her message of hope to whatever audience she is blessed to minister to. “My desire in ministry is to combine my calling as a minister of the gospel with my singing ministry and allow God to use me to bless others in my calling as the “Singing Evangelist.”
 SharonHS Sharon Martinez
Sings soprano and background vocals for the group. My goal is to reach as many souls as possible through our music. I have a passion and a strong desire to minister to hurting and broken women and youth. I want to share my life experiences as a testimony of God’s keeping power.  I am family oriented and love family unity.  Singing with my sisters (Emmanuel) is a great joy.  I love singing the gospel and spreading the word of God through song.  I am pressing on to serve and fulfill the purpose God has for me.
 PaulineHS Pauline Nelson
Lead and background tenor. I am known as the one with “sarcastic sense of humor” I love to laugh, enjoy people and hanging out with my family, especially my sisters.  After working in the health field as a home health aide for many years I began to sense the call of God to not only care for the physical man but minister to the whole man. My desire is to do this on my job, through our music and as a minister of the gospel.
 SandraHS Sandra Bullock
Soprano, background vocals. It is a blessing to sing with my sisters. We all have different personalities but we are seven sisters with one voice. My passion is to reach out to people, especially women, young or old, that are wounded and broken and share a message of hope and  encouragement. My desire is to be able to do so through my spoken words and through our music.
 ElaineHS Elaine Hood
I am an alto singer in the group. My desire is to reach out to those who feel hopeless and broken-hearted and offer them the message of Jesus Christ. Emmanuel enables me to accomplish this through our music. My hopes and dreams is that the songs that Emmanuel sings would lift as many hearts as possible and bring salvation.
CookieHS Willia ‘Cookie’ Bullock

Tenor and lead vocals. Glory to God for all He’s done for me. If it had it not been for the Lord on my side where would I be? I love to sing God’s praise and spread the gospel in song to all who are willing to listen and receive it.  My life is a living testimony of how God’s grace and mercy can see you through.  Never give up on God cause He’ll never give up on you!